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About Brenda Lehman


Simply Wax is Lawrence's first wax-only studio. Solely owned and operated by Brenda Lehman, an esthetician with over 20 years of professional experience in the beauty industry. Brenda has specialized in Brazilian waxing for over 10 years. At Simply Wax you know that your experience will be quick, professional and private with an esthetician you know and trust.

Simply Wax is one of the very few salons that uses NuFree and Cirepil which means we use both strip and hard waxes, something that most salons in Lawrence do not offer. We also stock "Relax & Wax"" pre- and post-waxing products that help reduce discomfort, slow hair regrowth, and help prevent ingrown hairs.

To schedule an appointment, call Brenda at (785) 331.9530 or
email me at


Our Products


Nufree is the first simple and safe organic liquid hair removal system that completely uproots the bulb and the entire hair shaft. Nufree is safe for 98% of the body.


Cirepil is known all over the world as one of the finest depilatory wax groups ever made. Cirepil products have unique characteristics that make them user friendly and client comfortable.

I use only the finest Cirepil waxes imported from Paris to make the process as pain-free as possible. Don't risk having layers of skin ripped off your eyebrows or any other area! Cirepil waxes are low temperature waxes, which means there's no risk of being burned!

Relax and Wax

Simply Wax stocks Relax and Wax’s “Get The Bump Outta Here!” and "No-Scream Cream."

Call us to purchase Relax & Wax products before your appointment and enjoy a more relaxing waxing experience! For more information, click here.